The "Darkside Of The Disco" EP.

by The Quagaars

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The Quagaars - The "Darkside Of The Disco" EP:
1. Darkside Of The Disco.
2. Quagaarian Space Trip.
3. The Storm Arrives.
4. Early Morning Darkness (2005 Version).

"Darkside Of The Disco" comes from The Quagaars debut album, "Dodge City Tombstone" which was released in 2010. Several versions of the song had been recorded over the years and it has featured regularly in the band's live set since the early days.

"Quagaarian Space Trip" and "The Storm Arrives" come from the demo album "Release Your Inner Gorilla (Zero Gravity Edition)" from 2002 which was used to promote the band as well as being given to various friends and family members. These were parts 3 and 4 of an instrumental "journey" that played out on that album. Both pieces were later used on C31's Pro Wrestling show "The Gorilla Position" which ran from 2011-2013, The Quagaars also wrote and performed the theme tune as well as most of the other music heard on the show.

"Early Morning Darkness (2005 Version)" is very different to the version that appears on "Dodge City Tombstone". At that point, the band consisted of Prime8 (12-String Guitar, Vocals), Checkers (Drums), Aaron Freeman (Lead Guitar, Vocals) and Ray Ray Right (Bass, Vocals). After Ray's departure to pursue his solo career, the band experimented with a few different ideas as to how to move forward, one of which was to have Checkers move over to Synthesizers and Samplers in order to create a fuller sound. While this didn't end up working out, this version of "Early Morning Darkness" was performed live a few times and even featured on an episode of "The Lee Elliott Show". Shortly after that, the band was joined by Rich Eliot (no relation to Lee...and different spelling anyway) on Bass and they returned to the more standard rock band format. This line up continued for a while before being driven apart by creative differences, leading to the "classic" line up of Prime8 and Checkers.


released February 7, 2016

Darkside Of The Disco:
Prime8: 12-String Guitar, Fretless Bass, Synthesizers, Vocoder, Vocals.
Checkers: Drums.

Quagaarian Space Trip:
Prime8: 12-String Guitar and Effects.

The Storm Arrives:
Prime8: Guitar and Effects.

Early Morning Darkness (2005 Version):
Prime8: 12-String Guitar, Vocals.
Checkers: Synthesizers, Sampler.
Aaron Freeman: Lead Guitar.

All songs written by Prime8.
Produced by The Quagaars.

Cover art by Jazz Quick with text by Prime8.
Sleeve notes by Geno Gorillacutty.

Darkside Of The Disco (Music Video):
Filmed by Monika Gray, Nicole Padlie and Simiana Gray.
Edited by Simiana Gray.
Produced by Neon Chimp.
Live footage recorded at The Green Table, the rest was filmed at a secret location known only to the trendiest of trendy hipsters and people who sell the kinds of things that ruin lives.



all rights reserved


The Quagaars Melbourne, Australia

Originating from the Planet Quagaar, The Quagaars began making music together in the year 2000. Prime8 and Checkers have been joined by a variety of other musicians who have come and gone over the years since, but they continue to bring The Quagaarian Sound to the ears of the world. The first album "Dodge City Tombstone" was released in 2010. The future is coming and so is more music. ... more

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Track Name: Darkside Of The Disco
Verse 1:
In the darkness of the disco,
Everyone gets high,
In the darkness of the disco,
They're all living a lie,
They're living in their neon world,
They all just look like clones,
Stuck inside a neon world,
They're all just skin and bones,

Welcome to the Darkside Of The Disco,
Welcome to the Darkside Of The Disco,

Verse 2:
Spend all their money,
On fancy clothes,
And then what's left of it,
Goes up their nose,
They don't care about the real world,
They've got nothing to say,
All the do is dance all night,
They do nothing all day,


Just turned 17,
Not yet come of age,
Don't understand what's more important,
All they want to do is rage,

Bass Solo.

Track Name: Quagaarian Space Trip
Track Name: The Storm Arrives
Track Name: Early Morning Darkness (2005 Version)
Early morning darkness,
It came and went,
Darkness of the morning,
Could be better spent,
If you wait by the table,
Then you'll know why,
It's never been easy,
When you're learning to fly,

And if,
If you thought it would last,
With the shadow you cast,
But it all went too fast,

Now you're stuck in the future,
And the light has returned,
The sun's in the sky now,
And your eyes have been burned,

And if,
If you want to get high,
Letting life pass you by,
Then you'll never know why,

And if you can't see tomorrow,
It is finally here,
It is always the way it is,
Gets the mind into gear,

Ah, Early Morning Darkness,
Ah, Early Morning Darkness,
Ah, Early Morning Darkness.