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by The Quagaars

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Regeneration 03:06
Verse 1: Regeneration, taking place, And it's more than just a change of face, What went before is gone without a trace, But the past will never be erased, Verse 2: Regeneration, you've no idea, How it is to feel so smegging queer, When you walk by and some moron sneers, Trying to fill your heart with endless fears, Middle 8: All because this is who I need to be, It's not a choice I just want to be free, I'm tired of running away from the real me, There's changes coming just you wait and see, Verse 3: Regeneration, going down, And so I'm moving to another town, There are people who don't want me around, So I'll run away and not be found.
Night Bus: Well I'm on the night bus but I ain't going home, I'm going to a place where I feel more alone, Hiding in the bedroom crying everyday, All that I know is that I've got to get away, It's been a month or 2 since things began to change, I couldn't stay at home and this new place feels strange, Sometimes it feels as if I've done something wrong, I should have just been honest about this all along, So I'll ride the night bus with these fears and doubts, All I really know is that I need to get out Emergency Exit: Verse 1: I want to get out, I need to break free, I'm not going to let this place kill me, This cocoon I'm in is getting me down, I want to fly up off the ground, This is not the place to be, This is not the place for me, Chorus: (Emergency Exit) Is what I need, (Emergency Exit) To get away, (Emergency Exit) Is what I need now, (Emergency Exit) I know I'll find it one of these days, Verse 2: And on that day I'll fly away, I'll find a place where I can play, Somewhere that is not so low, Somewhere that I want to go, Maybe somewhere across the sea, Maybe somewhere among the trees, Chorus Guitar Solo. Chorus. Verse 3: Over the hills and far away, I know I'll get there one of these days, Where I can live a better life, Not like living on the edge of a knife, Where I can live my life out loud, Where I can be so loud and proud, Chorus.
Disguise 02:28
Verse 1: As we travel this lonely world, A world that turned us away, Sometimes these feelings of hopelessness, Begin to lead us astray, Chorus: No-one said it was going to be easy, It must have come as such a surprise, They keep saying they never saw this coming, Never saw through my disguise, Verse 2: The thing that's making me happy, Is tearing my world apart, Feeling alone and isolated, It's really breaking my heart, CHORUS. Bridge: These feelings are driving me insane, can't get these thoughts to stay out of my brain, I just want to make the pain subside, I've got to find another way to escape, So I can get through this still in good shape, Why did I ever feel the need to hide, GUITAR SOLO OVER CHORUS CHORDS. Verse 3: And so I'll fight this dysphoria, Fight this depression too, Because nothing beats the feel, Of getting to be the real you, CHORUS.
The Chaser 02:44
Verse 1: My life is not your fetish, You all have pushed me too far, Stop viewing me as this sexualized person I'm not, Leave us trans people alone, Verse 2: Don't look at me like that, Your goofy smile says it all, You've got it in your head, The very thought fills me with dread, I know what you want, You don't care how you get it, You've got a secret desire, I'd rather set myself on fire, Chorus: You are just a chaser, And you're so unaware, People like me don't want your attention, We don't welcome your disturbing stares, You are just a chaser, Chasing love that's not there, Pushing in with unwanted advances, But you're someone no-one can bare, Verse 3: Every freaking day I'm receiving message after message, Picture after picture of stuff I don't even want to talk about, I don't even like sex, And the fact that I keep getting all these chasers messaging me all the time, Why? Just a constant stream of utter crap, (Growl), Chorus. Verse 4: And so you'd better stay away, Because that's all you deserve, You need to stay at home, You will probably end up alone, You are someone I want to avoid, Someone that makes me feel paranoid, You've got no class and no shame, I want no part of your game, Chorus. Guitar Solo. Outro: Times like these I'm not your fetish, Come and turn it right up so you understand, Times like these I'm not your fetish, Come and turn it right up so you understand.
Verse 1: You think I'm a drag but I feel like a queen, Am the strangest thing that you've ever seen, You can't understand what goes on in my head, I'm something different, does it need to be said, Chorus: I'm nothing like you, I won't be like you, I'm nothing like you, I can't be like you, Verse 2: For all of those years where I tried to fit in, I couldn't be something that I'd never been, All I can do is be true to myself, And anything else must be left on the shelf, CHORUS. Bridge: I'm no longer on the run, I just want to have some fun, Never deny your reality, Just be who you want to be, Guitar Solo over Verse Chords. Chorus. Verse 3: Don't question my identity, I am not your fantasy, Don't call me a caricature, That kind of thing is so immature, Chorus.
Judgement 03:30
Chorus: You can call me whatever you want but that doesn't make it true, And I've got to do what's right for me though it may not please you, In a frightening world you can't afford to waste time trying to be somebody else, And I don't want to spend my life feeling trapped in this prison cell, Verse 1: Don't tell me to be a man, I'm done living that lie, Gave it everything I can, But I am not that guy, I used to feel so strange, With who I used to be, It made me act so deranged, I needed to break free, CHORUS. Verse 2: Why must I feel this way? I'm done wearing a mask, It's like being born two-faced, Such a difficult task, Wanna live a simple life, Escape the sorrow and lies, Trying to live without strife, Oh the true me will rise! CHORUS. GUITAR SOLO. CHORUS.
VERSE 1: There's this thing I've never said, About the thoughts inside my head, All these things I've kept inside, All the feelings that I've tried to hide, A certain truth that's hard to find, A disconnect between body and mind, The feelings never went away, Now there is something that I have to say, CHORUS: It was a wake up call when I realized, That the man I was was just a mess of lies, Trying to keep the real me forever tranquilized, Hidden behind my reflective eyes, GUITAR SOLO. CHORUS. VERSE 2: There's never been another way, Don't want to wait until I'm old and grey, And I no longer have to hide, I can hold my head up with pride, I can see a future, much more bright, Switched to colour from black and white, I'm coming out, I will be free, To be the person that I need to be, CHORUS.
Verse 1: Walked into gymnastics centre, No sure what to expect, My unathletic body type, Result of much neglect, I didn't know if they'd accept me, But I need not fear, The people there are all so friendly, I am so glad I'm here. Verse 2: When I arrived I could do nothing, At least it seemed that way, But I just had to keep on training, Each and every day, I couldn't even touch my toes then, But now I've come so far, Surrounded by the kind of people, Who accept you for who you are, BRIDGE: Walk along the balance beam, Dance on the floor, Try to swing around the bar, I love it more and more, SOLO. Chorus: I didn't really have much strength, Didn't have much body control, And so I worked real hard, That's when the rocker learned to roll.
Verse 1: Well I'm itching, And I'm scratching, And I don't know what to do, I've had some kind of reaction, That's made me feel so blue, Still hurt from surgery, Don't know what to do, Bangkok's a great city, But I've got the Bangkok Blues, Verse 2: ประลาตไจ, ฉันก็ไม่รู้ทำไม, ช่องคลอดฉัน, มันคันอย่างนี้, แม้ว่าหมอทำมัน, ขนาดดีที่สุด, Don't regret a single thing now, But I've got the Bangkok Blues, SOLO. Verse 3: Well I'm leaving, This filthy hotel, For one that's much nicer indeed, And things have, Started healing, My soul it feels so free, Long road to recovery, What's a girl to do, It's been a long long journey, Goodbye Bangkok Blues, SOLO.
Verse 1: Life isn't always fun, For those cast aside, Kicked from their sunlit crowd, Left to run and hide, Brute force is all they know, They want to get their way, When they try to cut us down, Each and every day, Chorus 1: They try to push us around, But we'll never give up the fight, Verse 2: All they ever want to do, Protect their braindead pride, All they want to take from us, All the times they've lied, They tried to break our bones, Cause us so much pain, The abuse that kept on coming, Like a stolen train, Chorus 2: Don't let them shove you to the ground, Don't you ever give up the fight, INSTRUMENTAL BREAK: (Hey Cliff, which instruments do you want us to break?). Chorus 3: The bullies that picked on us, They will never see the light, They'll never understand, The difference between wrong and right, They'll probably smeg their lives up, All day and night, The best revenge is to live well, So never give up the fight, Verse 3: We've left them in the dust, Now our tears have dried, With rainbows in our blood, We take it all in stride, To get the future we all deserve, They'll have to change their ways, There's no room for their closed minds, So here's to better days.
Skin Deep 03:21
VERSE 1: When I started to transition, Felt like an alien, Thought no one was like me and I was on the run, But as the time forward, Things didn't look so lame, I realized deep down that we are all the same, CHORUS: If you're cisgender or you're trans, Woman or man, The differences are only skin deep, Like a tattoo on the skin, Like a sailor drinking gin, The differences are only skin deep, VERSE 2: I said I'm nothing like you, Because that's how I felt, But then with time my heart began to melt, Once I started to feel accepted, I didn't feel so strange, I guess it wasn't actually such a great big change, CHORUS. BRIDGE: When I think back to those days when, My head was in a whirl, I'm the same person really, If I'm a boy or a girl, When I think back to those days when, My head was in a whirl, I'm the same person really, If I'm a boy or a girl, CHORUS. GUITAR SOLO. CHORUS TO FADE.
True Self 02:58
Verse 1: Some people want to live in a world that is so dark and grey, Where the boring clones all stay and the rest are always turned away, That tragic old place where those filled with hate always have their say, But we can't live like that and we can't always let them have their way, Chorus: Who would believe just how good it could feel to be your true self, The way to succeed is to give up the need to please anybody else, I can't explain just how happy I feel now that I'm my true self, And nothing they say can take that away I'm not anybody else, Verse 2: So never conform and never pretend to be just the same, To give up on yourself and to be just like them would be such a shame, Look into their eyes and you can see that their souls are dead and lame, But by not giving you can really make sure they remember your name, Chorus.
You Be You 04:43
Don't let anyone bring you down or try to stop you from accomplishing your goals, Don't let them try to take those goals away from you, They only have as much power as you let them have, When you give people power, then it is not them that is the problem, it is you giving them that power over you, when they have no power over you, When you give them the power and ability to take away the things you want to accomplish, you will not be able to accomplish what you desire, Sometimes there are people who will see someone else who is successful, They are very jealous of those abilities that you have that they want to take away from you, Don't let them have them, Don't let them have any power over any of these things, The only kind of power that they have over you is what you let them have, The only way we can succeed is by doing our own thing, we cannot take away anything else from anyone, You can only be you, you can only focus on you, You can not, no matter what you do, no matter what you look at, you can never be someone else, You can only be you, If you try to mimic someone else then you will not be successful with what you do because you're not being true to yourself, Being true to yourself is being unique with your own self and doing what you want to do, Independent of anyone else, I will continue to push through no matter what, I will continue to go towards these goals, these ideas that I have no matter what, No one's going to stop me, All those people will be proven wrong, Cause I will be successful, I will come out on top, I will be the one to do that, I will be the one to accomplish what I desire, No one else is gonna stop me or take that away, And that's what you have to do as well, You can't do what you desire to get back at someone, to prove someone else wrong, you have to do what you desire to do what's best for you, to be happy with yourself, not to prove someone else wrong, But, that proving someone else wrong will come with your own ability to be successful and accomplish what you want to do.


released July 30, 2018


all rights reserved



The Quagaars Melbourne, Australia

Originating from the Planet Quagaar, The Quagaars began making music together in the year 2000. Prime8 and Checkers released 2 albums, 2010's "Dodge City Tombstone" and 2016's "Eternal Candlelight" before being joined by NiniCat during the making of their 3rd album, "Evolver" in 2018.
The Quagaars: Bringing The Quagaarian Sound to the ears of Earth for 20 years and counting.
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