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Never See The Sun

by The Quagaars

Verse 1: They lurk around the corner, They're waiting for a bite, Long fangs that pierce your skin, Give you an awful fright, They don't care who you are, But they will take your soul, After a brief encounter, You're in a six foot hole, Chorus: Have you heard, The Bats are coming, Flying over our heads, Yes it's true, The Bats are coming, Flying over our heads, Verse 2: The vampires must be stopped now, You all know what to do, A wooden stake right through the heart, Cloves of garlic help too, You'd better stock up on holy water, Carry a silver knife, I hear they don't like the colour yellow, It could save your life, CHORUS. GUITAR SOLO. The Bats are coming... and soon... you may be DEAD!
Once we were accepted, Once we were respected, Once we had the freedom, To get on with our lives, But then things started changing, Something was enraging, And it all started when they read that fucking book, They painted us as demons, The runnin' and the screamin', They wiped out, Entire sections of our community, The lies and the legends, The folklore was extended, And it all started when the read that fucking book, What if we could stop it, Free us all from this bullshit, Stop the author before he writes that fucking book, That Fucking Book!
Verse 1: So you want to go back in time, Back to the past, Climb aboard my magick dragon, You'll there fast, Make sure you hold on tight, Don't ever tell, Don't wait until the morning, That'll break the spell, Fly up behind the moon, Then turn around, Throw down the glowing crystals, Then hit the ground, Fly back towards my cottage, With greatest speed, Just as you're about to collide, You'll reach the year you need, And to return, just repeat the process. Chorus: Going backwards. Verse 2: And when you're back in time, 1878, Be careful what you do there, You could change your fate, Even the slightest thing, Could change it all, Even a simple mistake, Could make empires fall, Don't tread on butteflies, Don't travel far, Try hard not to get killed, Don't be a star, Oh, and bring me back some herbs. GUITAR SOLO.
Verse 1: They never leave us alone, Always trying to pry, They want us to make them immortal, Are they fucking high, They harrass us every day, They won't just let us be, Our way of life they don't understand, If only they could see, Chorus: This is the dance of the undead, This is the dance of the undead, Verse 2: Every time they come around, They always make us sneer, If they knew what we could do, They should be filled with fear, CHORUS. Verse 3: We need to find a way to scare them off, Then they'd run and hide, So start spreading some myths and legends, They'll never know we've lied.
F: Daddy, what does it mean to be a Bellzing? D: Haha, son. To be a Bellzing is to be a vampire hunter that takes pride in our family. To take pride in what we do. F: That sounds so cool! D: Haha, yes son. And you, my boy… will be one of the greatest. I just know you would. F: Hehehe… I love you daddy. D: I love you too son. Intro Fanger, you can’t run from this forever Take some responsibility, be the vampire hunter you’re meant to be! Verse 1 Don’t want to dad… I don’t want to dad Just wanna… just wanna Be away from all of this shi Don’t know what I’ve become? Every night I wake up, bloodstaining in my eyes I can’t stand these views These walls I’ve, been entrapped in all my life… Oh father forgive me… I’m not the one… 0.54 Interlude Hey hey hey You ain’t gonna get far son, load it up, we bout to kill The vamps here! I need your back up! Fire the shots, aim for the head son, aim for the head! Uh, Fanger I need you, have pride in the Bellzing family We share the same blood son, load it up, take it up! This is what its meant to be, can’t you see, Now join me… in my company, killing vampires that’s a scenery Verse 2: Ooohhhh so loud, the gun fire, the noise of the fighting My desires are dying Daddy don’t you see? This ain’t what I want to be…. If I am a sinner…. For being this way Then let. Me go. I can’t hide no more. Or die no more. Or fly no more. I wanted to be true… to you And if God has a plan for me, then I am so guilty For not following through With you… my father, my sin… 2.09 Interlude / Outro Preposterous, irresponsible You a shame to family, disappoint me to the grief You a pussy for not joining You a pussy for not playing You are not a player son You are just a coward son No I’m not yet, not here done -What would your grandpa think? What would your whole family think? You can’t hide from this, God has a plan for you This is your destiny Fanger, you can’t hide! Accept it! Accept your truth, accept your destiny Accept the holy power, accept that you a Bellzing And this is how it’s meant to be… No denying, the blood in ya I have mistaken you, you are my son And from this point you You will become a bellzing hunter Fanger, the vampire hunter Fanger, the great Fanger, my son of pride Fanger, listen to me, listen to me!!!! Boy come here! Come here right now! I dare you walk out that door, I dare you! Fanger if you do it you won’t be my son no more! Like I never had you! I never had a son like you! I don’t have no bitch!
Author 03:46
Verse 1: No one ever listens to me, I'm just some old drunk, No one takes me seriously, When I write this junk, I can not change the future, I just write books, It's all a work of fiction, You bunch of sooks, Chorus 1: No, we tell you, your book will ruin lives, The vampire hunters, are sharpening their knives, They try to kill us, wiping out our race, We have no future, now look us in the face, Please, just listen, don't write another line, We're from the future, we're giving you a sign, We've come to stop you, the fate of vampire kind, It's in your hands now, so leave this book behind, Verse 2: Even if I did believe you, Which I most certainly don't, You think my words destroy you, I can say they won't, It's not like a religion, It doesn't mean a thing, It's just cheap entertainment, Like a circus ring, Chorus 2: Your book, it paints us as monsters and as freaks, They creep up on us, the cheeky little sneaks, Tortured, murdered, in such sadistic ways, We're on the run now, hiding in the haze, We just want, peace and harmony, We just want, them all to let us be, But, your book, keeps spreading the lie, Do you want, to hear the vampires cry, Verse 3: I guess I'll level with you, There is more to it, If I don't write the book now, I'll be in deep shit, This is a different time, For people like you, It's them that make me write it, There's nothing I can do.
Intermission 03:39
Rafty is one and he’s getting away with it, pulled out his knob and started to play with it, rafty is one and he had a sway with it, went out to town and went on display with it Vaginioz, saw the whole incident, it went to court, he claimed he was innocent, but as it happens, she caught it on video, so off to prison, is where that he must go. Rafty is one, got put away for it, he pulled it out, now he's in deep shit, sharing a cell, with Yapons and Soapy, who forced him to, do the hokey pokey.
All The Lies 02:52
INTRO. Verse 1: What's this about garlic? One vampire has an allergy and suddenly we're all supposed to be scared of a bit of garlic? And silver...You don't get very far in life without silver! Verse 2: Not sure where they got the thing about yellow. Chinese folklore I think...yes...yellow paper it was, stuck to the forehead, Do they really think a fucking Post-It note would be enough to stop us? GUITAR SOLO. Verse 3: Did you hear the one about how if they spill rice we have to stop and count the grains? They're confusing us for people suffering from OCD I think. Being a vampire is not a mental illness! Verse 4: Holy water, that's another one...too bad most vampires are atheists making it utterly meaningless. Oh and they think we don't have reflections. Have you ever seen an unkempt vampire? Of course we have reflections, your human eyes just can't see them. OUTRO.
Verse 1: Outside the party, Couldn't believe my eyes, Outside the party, What a big surprise, Outside the party, Fanger Bellsing and Sally Night, Outside the party, Held each other tight, Outside the party, But that was only the beginning... SOLO. Verse 2: Vampire and hunter, Their love could never be, The other vampires came, They didn't like what they'd seen, Axos couldn't stand it, Ripped out their hearts, Right in front of Menulis, That's when the violence starts, SOLO. Verse 3: Outside the party. Menulis out for revenge, Outside the party, She knew she must avenge, Outside the party, Axos impaled on a fence, Outside the party, The blood the violence. SOLO. OUTRO.
GUITAR SOLO. Verse 1: Send them into battle, Just like herding cattle, Obeying every order, Fight through pain and torture, BLOOD! No right to resist it, The fight does not seem legit, Brave soldiers on fire, Leaders and the liars, BLOOD! GUITAR SOLO. Verse 2: Sending pawns to their sacrifice, You know war is never very nice, Send them into battle, Just like herding cattle, Obeying every order, Fight through pain and torture, BLOOD! No right to resist it, The fight does not seem legit, Brave soldiers on fire, Leaders and the liars, BLOOD!
Verse 1: Let me tell you all about the war, Everyone wants to settle the score, But there's one thing we can't ignore, We've forgotten what we're fighting for, Verse 2: All we've done is kill ourself, For some old book left on the shelf, It takes it's toll upon our health, We've used up what's left of our wealth, Verse 3: We don't know who's the enemy, They're just the same as you and me, They've all got the same right to be, But only the leaders can not see, Verse 4: It doesn't matter anyway, It's such a hefty price to pay, We all just want to go away, And live to see another day, Bridge: It's all been a waste of time, Fighting over a book, It won't change anything, Let's call the whole thing off, Verse 5: We couldn't change a fucking thing, So let's fly on the dragon's wing, They killed our Queen we killed their King, There's really not much left to sing.


A family of vampires from the year 4057AD travel back to 1878AD in order to stop "The Author" from writing the book that they believe is responsible for societies negative view of vampires. It's a prog punk Gilbert and Sullivan type adventure.


released December 31, 2020

Produced by The Quagaars.
Mastered by Autumn Asphodel.
Artwork by Valliwolf.


all rights reserved



The Quagaars Melbourne, Australia

Originating from the Planet Quagaar, The Quagaars began making music together in the year 2000. Prime8 and Checkers released 2 albums, 2010's "Dodge City Tombstone" and 2016's "Eternal Candlelight" before being joined by NiniCat during the making of their 3rd album, "Evolver" in 2018.
The Quagaars: Bringing The Quagaarian Sound to the ears of Earth for 20 years and counting.
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