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Project Nomad

by The Quagaars

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CHORUS: Sometimes we all need a savior, A Vlad The Impaler, Verse 1: A man who'd push a paedophile down the stairs, Breaking their neck because no one cares, Taking all the criminals off the street, A safer place for people to meet, Looking out for those done wrong, Protecting those who aren't so strong, CHORUS. Verse 2: Left or right it's all the same, They're all just looking for someone to blame, They continue to hide the truth, They don't care about the youth, No government will stop this crime, And that's why I think it's time, BRIDGE: For Vlad The Impaler, To do the world a favour, The world keeps getting darker, And life keeps getting harder, While those in charge get rich, The government's a bitch, Verse 3: Politicians always lie, Make the poor and homeless cry, They want to take away our rights, While protecting parasites, Always trying to fulfil their greed, While denying those in need, CHORUS TO FADE.
Red Dress 02:24
Verse 1: It'd been days since they'd seen their son, His wherabouts was unknown, He'd stayed back to weed the garden, That's what his last text had shown, They finally found him hanging from the ceiling, With a red dress on, Verse 2: But just who had took his life, He was only 13, The only suspects had alibis, How could this have been, The police ruled his death as accidental, A strange ritual gone wrong, Verse 3: His parents knew that this made no sense, For he was just a child, There were so many unanswered questions, He was not known to be wild, And why was he wearing that bright red dress, They'd never seen it before.
VERSE 1: Wandering through cyber space, It's so long since I've left this place, I gaze upon a world I'll never know, We talked all night through video chat, You showed me all around your flat, But then I saw it come through your window, CHORUS: When I saw the Sunrise Over Delware, The sun came from right behind your back, It appeared to come out of nowhere, It felt like it was a sneak attack, VERSE 2: It's so long since I've seen the sun, I know I'm not the only one, They call us creatures of the night, They call us monsters, call us beasts, At least we're not like catholic priests, We spend our lifetimes hiding from the light, CHORUS. BRIDGE: If I were there in person, My skin would start to burn, Living without the sunlight, Is something I had to learn, Forced into the darkness, Never to come back, Locked into this lifestyle, Hiding from attack, CHORUS. GUITAR SOLO. CHORUS.
Verse 1: Wandering down Cowley Road, By Templars Square, Passing by The Zodiac, Guess you had to be there, Chorus: Looking at this history, Never makes me frown, One more thing to say, I've been to Oxford Town, (change to I love you, Oxford Town on last repeat), Verse 2: The bus goes past The Original Swan, The pub is haunted they say, The Germans bought Morris Motors out, But the factory's here to stay, CHORUS. GUITAR SOLO. CHORUS. FUNKY SOLO. Verse 3: Catch a band at The Bullingdon, Hang out in Florence Park, This place is full of life, Even after dark, CHORUS TO FADE.
Corny 02:52
Verse 1: Corny, Knows the wrestling because he watches religiously, Corny, Gets annoyed because no-one takes it seriously, Verse 2: Corny, You know he is right so you might as well give in, Corny, If you piss him off he will not take it on the chin, Chorus: And now, The show is boring, The fans, Are all snoring, Should have listened, To Mr. Cornette, But instead, They're left with regret, No one cares, About this talking, So the crowd, Has started walking, They came, To see some action, They've lost, Their main attraction, Take a trip, Down to Kentucky, Wrestling fans, Might get lucky, SOLO. Verse 3: Corny, Left the wrestling business because he couldn't save it Corny, Doesn't care for your dreadful sports entertainment bullshit.
Disco Potato 03:20
Verse 1: Why do you cram onto the dance floor, Where they play the same songs everynight, Sneaking of into the powder room, For orgies, cocaine and fights, You've drank so much that you don't even care, That you're dinner's now on your tights, Something tells me in the morning you'll feel, That something just isn't right, Chorus: And why do you leave those potatos on the dance floor, And why did you leave those oranges at the door, Did you just come here looking for someone to adore, Will you still come hear when your body can take no more, Verse 2: Who left their underwear, Lying underneath the DJ decks, Why are you rubbing your face, Into the hairy obese man's pecks, Jumping from the balcony, May end in broken necks, Something tells that these people, All failed their last health checks, CHORUS. Verse 3: There's a carpet of cigarette butts, Because you can't use an ashtray, The place closed an hour ago, But you don't want to go away, You're bruised and bloody, But I guess that's the price you pay, Something tells me you'll do, The exact same thing the next day. CHORUS.
Rafty Is One 01:20
Verse 1: Rafty is one, Getting away with it, Crafty is one, Not name and shaming it, Everyone knows, But noone is blaming it, They're on the run, They shouldn't be trailing it, Verse 2: Rafty is one, There is no evading it, Crafty is one, It's always invading it, Where it came from, No one is saying it, All that we know, Is someone's to blame for it.
Verse 1: You know I love, But keep your hands to yourself, I've no desire, So leave sex on the shelf, If that's all you want, Then please stay away, For you won't find it here, This is not your day, Chorus 1: There's so much more that we could do, I just want to spend some time with you, Stay up all night watching Doctor Who, Don't come here looking for another screw, Verse 2: You may think it nerdy, This maybe so, But there's other places, I'd rather go, We could play video games, Or go to Comic-Con, We could go to the zoo, Sex is just not on, Chorus 2: There's so much more that we could do, I just want to spend some time with you, Stay up all night watching Star Trek 2, Don't come here looking for another screw.
Verse 1: Things just keep going wrong, In the world today, It just keeps getting worse, Problems won't go away, Chorus: I've told you many times, But you just end up doin' it again and, I've told you many times, But you just end up doin' it again and, Doin' it again and, Doin' it again and, I've had enough, I've had enough, I've had enough, I've had enough, Verse 2: Looking for a better way, But you refused to hear, You've been warned so many times, Now the end is near, CHORUS. Verse 3: It's not too late to escape this fate, But you will have to act soon, So much damages already done, Don't be such a buffoon, CHORUS.
Red Mist 03:57
Chorus: Red mist caught in a rocket blast now, Red mist caught in a rocket blast, Verse 1: No one ever saw it coming, But they knew that it was here, Leaving all the broken spectators, Covered in flat beer, CHORUS. Verse 2: Everybody looked to each other, Hid in the cupboard, Making all those funny noises, Passers by are floored, Bridge: Do they know, This is no video game, Will they care, When they've gone insane, Pixelized, The is not the end, Digitized, Broken friends.
You live all alone here, You live a life of fear, You are so individual, You don't know why it should end at all, I Can't Understand You, You've got too much you need to do, And I'm trying to understand you, But I guess I don't know you, And I can't understand you, Understand you, Why do you live this life of fear, Q.U.A.G.A.A.R.S.


released July 30, 2019

Produced by The Quagaars and Autumn Asphodel.

Mastered by Autumn Asphodel.

Cover by Prime8.

Recorded at Neon Chimp Studios, Nini's Cat House and Somewhere In Canada.


all rights reserved



The Quagaars Melbourne, Australia

Originating from the Planet Quagaar, The Quagaars began making music together in the year 2000. Prime8 and Checkers released 2 albums, 2010's "Dodge City Tombstone" and 2016's "Eternal Candlelight" before being joined by NiniCat during the making of their 3rd album, "Evolver" in 2018.
The Quagaars: Bringing The Quagaarian Sound to the ears of Earth for 20 years and counting.
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