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Double A​.​.​.​Actually

by The Quagaars

Entertain Me 01:50
Verse: There's nothing on TV again, Gotta find something to watch, To keep me entertained for the evening, Out of beer, wine and scotch, Chorus: I take a trip to the video store, When there's nothing left for me, Laserdiscs, VHS, DVDs, Just Entertain Me.
Verse 1: See the onion man he's on the loose now, Don't know where he's been, If you find yourself in his surroundings, He can be quite mean, He don't care if you're underage now, He's always on the prowl, Anyone who's ever been around him, Wears a permanent scowl, On the information super highway, Is where he found his fame, They all laughed at his funny videos, That's how he made his name, Chorus: Beware The Onion Man, Beware The Onion Man, SOLO. CHORUS. Verse 2: See the onion man he's on TV now, A so called expose, But it provided no new information, Just make it go away, Do they really care about the victims, Do they even know, All the evils that he's been accused of, It's just a TV show, CHORUS. SOLO. CHORUS.
Rascals 04:15
INTRO. VERSE 1: Once again I'm punched in the head, You make me think I'm better off dead, And I know you're waiting around the corner for me, I can't get away and I can't quite break free, Forcing me to kiss the sand, I think this shit has got out of hand. I wonder if you just don't like my face, The way you try to rearrage it all over the place, CHORUS: The teachers say you're just rascals, And say they can't do a thing, But when the blood is on the floor, It's from the fights you bring, VERSE 2: Like a knife stuck in my back, Feeling like I'm under attack, And this is not a safe place for me, This isn't a place where I want to be, Lining up they start throwing stones, It's like they never leave me alone, But they always have an alibi, They get a laugh from making me cry, CHORUS. OUTRO.
Everybody said he's crazy, It was a stupid thing to do, He just said his mind was hazy, Now he's locked up with Rafty too, He got the cash and he was hiding, Security was going round, And as the guard continued striding, Bebop started humming out aloud. HUMMING. As the thrum got even louder, The guard's suspicion was aroused, He found Ol' Bebop in a cowar, Bebop knew where he'd be housed, Bebop Tuft was crouching naked, In the local wax museum, After robbing the intoxicated, Outside the abandoned masoleum. HUMMING.
VERSE 1: There's a maniac on the roof, He's got no place to go, Won't you be my chainsaw tonight, We can ride it slow, CHORUS: When they try to follow you, You fall through the cracks, When they try to get to you, Keep falling through the cracks, VERSE 2: Broken hicups and fantasies, Stolen from the sea, The maniac fell off the roof, Now he's caught in a tree, CHORUS. SOLO. CHORUS. VERSE 3: The dented helmet of the moldy soldier, He's all covered in sores, The maniac stole his quad bike, When he was in the wars, CHORUS. VERSE 4: The octopus and the spiny hedgehog, Having coffee and cake, Unconcerned for the drowning maniac, Drowning in their lake.
There are no lyrics.
INTRO. CHORUS: There are ghosts in the basement, Sacred ghosts in the basement, VERSE 1: Live music, Playing it so loud, Rock and rolling, Makes a happy crowd, Great musicians, Somehow they survive, Keep on rocking, In the afterlife, CHORUS. BRIDGE: Gotta keep the music alive, Gotta find a way to survive, Play the music, play it live, Gotta keep the music alive, Gotta find a way to survive, Play the music, play it live, GUITAR SOLO.
It was the last thing on my mind I thought I'd put this hole behind Tongue tied tone deaf and colour blind I couldn't read between the lines I should've braced and belted But it went all helter skeltered And now there is no shelter Before the fall/storm? Wake up and smell those coffee beans Make up and sell those frothy memes Don't shut up say just what you mean Don't put up with those messy scenes
Shoes 02:16
VERSE 1: They buy the new shoes, The company takes a stand, They do not like this, See where the new shoes land, They throw them in the fire, To get the point across, They do not agree, And so they cause a loss, The company don't mind, They've only hurt themselves, They've already made the sale, The money's on the shelf. CHORUS: When you can see the laughter in their eyes, As they destroy their own shoes and ties, The coffee maker is no match for their silver hammer, They rant and rave and shout but mostly stammer, Until they have to buy it again.
VERSE 1: He sits there smiling, Drink in his hand, He and his friends, All know the plan, They watch the women, As they go by, Anticipation, Almost makes them cry, BRIDGE 1: He sees himself like the prize pig at the fare, If you don't want what he's got then he really doesn't care, VERSE 2: He knows you want him, No matter what you say, Those looks of disgust, He will just look away, BRIDGE 2: Do you feel it as the lights start going down, And his hand goes up your dress and he's fiddling around, And you feel that you can never question why, So you take it on the chin as he has another try, His mates are crowded round and taking photographs, They all know the way he acts is all just done for laughs, The wanker holds the cards and knows he'll get away, Because he does it all the time and will do it another day, SOLOS. BRIDGE 3: I can't comprehend the way he looked at me, He had a face like Donald Trump crossed with a cartoon haunted tree, He's just a wanker but it still stays with me now, Another mental scar I really can't allow.
Emotional Support Dalek, Exterminate the fear away, Emotional Support Dalek, Exterminate the pain away, Emotional Support Dalek, Exterminate the hate away.
Verse 1: We see them coming, From a mile away, They do not care who lives here, We're all going to pay, WE DON'T WANT TO DIE, They keep on coming, With their big machinery, Destroying nature's beauty, There goes our scenery, WE DON'T WANT TO DIE, Verse 2: Oceans polluted, Forests disappear, Endangered Species, Barely still there, Chorus 1: They say it's in the name of progress, As the polar ice caps melt, Our homes destroyed by digging machines, They don't know how that felt, Verse 3: Watch nature disappear, Less of us still here, Chorus 1. Solo 1. Chorus 1. Instrumental Break. Verse 4: And now we see the beauty, Of the shopping mall, Build the economy, You can buy it all, This progress is the future, No need to cry, As long as they keep on spending, Building the lie, Chorus 2: We've got to build this bypass, We've got more land to clear, And then we'll fill the landscape, So we can profiteer, The Crapitalist Agenda, Spread it far and near, Solo 2. Verse 5: And now we see the bloody, Mess that you have made, There's no more trees to cling to, At least you all got paid, We're left without a future, That's why we cry, For the sake of your convenience, Our friends and families die, Chorus 3: Now they build another bypass, No land left to clear, And so they filled the landscape, With ugly towers so drear, The Crapitalist Agenda, Spreading pain and fear.


The Quagaars - Double A...Actually.

Side 1:
1. Entertain Me.
2. Beware The Onion Man.
3. Rascals.
4. Bebop Tuft Hummer Hum.
5. Falling Through The Cracks.
6. West Side Of The Moon.
7. Ghosts In The Basement.

Side 2:
8. Before The Storm.
9. Shoes.
10. Another Mental Scar.
11. Emotional Support Dalek.
12. But They Didn't Really Care.
13. Endangered Species.


released January 13, 2022

Prime8: 6 and 12-String Electric Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths, Mellotron, Melodica, Percussion, Vocals.
Checkers: Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Synths, Percussion, Harmonica.
Ninicat: Drums, Guitars, Tambura.

Sienna: Bass (on 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12 and 13).
The Gayrillas: Backing Vocals (on 1, 7, 10, 11 and 12).
Dusty'n'Chop Top: Box Of Teeth (on 5).
The Threeon Chimps: Percussion (on 5).
The Gorillas Of Zoos Victoria: Drums (on 7).
Bonnie Parker: 6-String Guitar, 6-String Bass, Backing Vocals (on 8).
Dr. Cheese: Keyboards, Synths (on 11).
Davros: Tabla and Video Game Noises (on 11).
Nika: Vocals (on 13).

Produced by The Quagaars.
Mixed by Prime8.
Mastered by Autumn Asphodel.
Artwork by Valli Wolf.


all rights reserved



The Quagaars Melbourne, Australia

Originating from the Planet Quagaar, The Quagaars began making music together in the year 2000. Prime8 and Checkers released 2 albums, 2010's "Dodge City Tombstone" and 2016's "Eternal Candlelight" before being joined by NiniCat during the making of their 3rd album, "Evolver" in 2018.
The Quagaars: Bringing The Quagaarian Sound to the ears of Earth for 20 years and counting.
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