The Official Bootleg (Volume One: The Green Table)

by The Quagaars

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The Quagaars - The Official Bootleg (Volume One: The Green Table):

This album is a low-fi live recording, capturing The Quagaars after the release of "Dodge City Tombstone". They were also working on "Eternal Candlelight" at the time and would often preview the new songs at "The Green Table". It is raw, energetic and occasionally unrehearsed, recorded in the simplest of ways (no multi track master recordings, no overdubs). We've decided to release this as it's an interesting part of the band's history and despite the poor sound quality, it's a window into the live version of the band which is often quite different to what you'd normally hear on their records. So this is really something for the fans, an alternate way to listen to the songs, something extra.

01. Don't Talk To Me About Life (Prime8).
02. The Murderer (Prime8).
03. It Doesn't Matter (Prime8).
04. Deckchair (Prime8).
05. Footsteps (Rich Eliot/Checker/Prime8).
06. Something To Steal (Prime8).
07. Cruithne (Prime8).
08. Bluff Creek Blues (Prime8).
09. Darkside Of The Disco (Prime8).
10. River Of Blood (Prime8).
11. Early Morning Darkness (Prime8).
12. The Jokes On You (Checkers/Prime8).
13. Killing The Scapegoat (Prime8).
14. Forgotten Gravity (Prime8).
15. Peace Of Mind (Prime8).
16. Wasted (Prime8).
17. I Can't Understand You (Prime8/Cameron Baird).


released February 10, 2016

The Quagaars are:
Prime8: 12-String Guitar, Guitar, Vocals.
Checkers: Drums.

Recorded live at The Green Table Social Club, Australia.
Produced by Hector S. Sourbridge the 9th and his friend Timothy.
Mixed in a cement mixer. Remixed by hand.
Sleeve notes by A. Gorilla.
Cover art by Alladin Thastreet.
Photo by Nicole Padlie.
Bongos by Neil.

The original audio cassette containing this recording was found in a bin outside of the house of a man known only as "The Collector". He was known for his bizarre sense of fashion (he always wore a fish bowl as a hat a rainbow coloured bow tie...and nothing else) as well as his unusual collection of objects. It is unknown how or why this cassette had been in his collection or why he'd decided to throw it away. Some believe that he thought that the tape contained the secrets of the Universe but was unable to cope with what those secrets were. The tape was found by a local garbage man who believed it to contain a rare recording of an extinct animal, The Hypodolsmogal, a small furry creature that was usually found in grassy areas around Norway. Instead, it was this recording of The Quagaars performing live at The Green Table Social Club. Once he realized this, he threw the tape out of the window of his truck. Before smashing into the ground, it smashed into the right knee of Hector S. Sourbridge, a part time record producer and wine critic who decided that he could potentially make some money from this recording. He loaded the recording into his computer and did his best to clean it up. This was not easy as the tape was not in good condition and had not been professionally recorded in the first place. After putting in a good 30 minutes of work into the project, he attempted to sell the recording (now remastered to CD) to various bootleggers...none of whom were even slightly interested. After failing with his original idea, he then contacted The Quagaars and offered to sell the recording to them for $1 Million. They offered him a box of cookies. He accepted, and the rest is history.



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The Quagaars Melbourne, Australia

Originating from the Planet Quagaar, The Quagaars began making music together in the year 2000. Prime8 and Checkers have been joined by a variety of other musicians who have come and gone over the years since, but they continue to bring The Quagaarian Sound to the ears of the world. The first album "Dodge City Tombstone" was released in 2010. The future is coming and so is more music. ... more

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